We honor the life of Nathan Alan Morgan
mourn that life that was stolen from him.
Tribute to Nathan Alan Morgan
10/21/82  - 03-10-08


Los Angeles Times Newspaper, March 10, 2008
Venice: A 25-year-old white homeless man was discovered
partially buried in the sand near Ocean Front Walk and
Breeze Avenue by L.A. City Park and Recreation employees
at about 7 p.m. Sunday, March 9. According to police, the
man was beaten to death, then dragged to the burial site.
Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call
Pacific Area Homicide (310) 782-6316
From the Los Angeles Times Blog, March 14, 2008
This is the mom of the man who was murdered and I would like
any details people are willing to post.I want everyone to know my
son was NOT a homeless man, he has a very loving family who
had not heard from him in several weeks. He had a job in another
state, an address, a home. What these people chose to do is
unimaginable, and We want justice to be served. We love and
miss our son.
You can view all the postings here: Los Angeles Times Blog
Recently, Nathan's dad, Richard Morgan, was
contacted by the moderator of the Los Angeles
Times, who wrote an update to the blog that can be
Three years after the murder,
Nathan's family had another
memorial placed in the Venice, CA
newspaper "Beachhead"  To view


This memorial was placed in their local newspaper on
the anniversary date of Nathan's death, by his family.
Click Here to read the first
memorial placed in the local
newspaper on the second
anniversary of Nathan's
In Memory of
an Alan Morgan
10/21/82 • 03/10/08

5 years ago I got the worst phone call of  my life!
I miss you more and more every day.     In the beginning "they" all said, with time it
would get easier...            
Not true for me!You are remembered every day through many things, especially
through your nephew, my son, Ethan. I hope you're watching over our family,
especially our sisters. I still believe we will find justice for you and that day will come
with so much glory and I promise you I will never give up fighting for that for you! I
love you and miss you like crazy. RIP Nathan Morgan 03-10-08....Nichole

Hard to believe you were stolen from us five years ago. I miss you every day and as
the days go by I still feel your presence in many ways.  All of our memories made,
seem to never fade. I keep them close to my heart and within my soul. Reminiscing
from time to time gives me peace in the times I really need it. Thank you for
watching over me as I live my life. I will forever love and miss you brother.   Love
always ..Jessica

A lot of people believe there is so much time in their lives to fulfill all their dreams
and aspirations. However, life is actually quite short.   It's hard to believe Nathan
has been gone 5 years but he left me with the wisdom of never giving up and to
always use time to try exciting things and never lead a boring "pretend" life.  Miss
you so much but I know that even though it's been so many days since I saw you
last, I'm closer till the next time we will meet again.
           Rest In Peace Big Bro, your little sister, Christina

It seems like yesterday that you were here riding the 3 wheeler up and down the
street doing wheelies, scaring me. How I miss you and all that the future was
supposed to bring.  I will hold on to the knowledge that the Lord has you in his
presence and I long for the day to see you once again. Each day is a gift,
remember that and let those you love know it.                                               Always in
my heart, never forgotten, Love Mom

The word closure is not a reality,  it’s a Myth….Death leaves a heartache no one
can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. I cherish my thoughts and
memories of you Nathan. I miss you so much…                  Love Dad.