Nathan's Story

Nathan was a fun loving, out going, typical kid, rebellious at
times, and his contagious smile and sense of humor were
always welcomed everywhere he went.

Nathan had an addiction to drugs and alcohol that held him
chained for a few years. I too had the same addictions
earlier in my life,  believe it or not. I was involved with drugs
for 13 years and couldn’t get free from the chains that
bound me to the addiction. I was able to get free once I
accepted the Lord as my Savior and was delivered from
the drug addiction through the power of the Holy Spirit and
from the chains of addiction that bound me.

We never lost hope for our son that one day he, too,  would
be set free, and were always there with our open arms and
unconditional love when he was on his road to recovery.
Even though he had accepted Christ into his life, he
unfortunately, was never able to get free from drugs and

I can't explain why some of us are delivered in a moment
and others struggle the rest of their lives, but I know
someone who does and his word says he will never put us
through anything we can't handle. We hold onto that
promise of seeing our Nathan in Heaven as we are facing
the rest of our life without our son and uncle and brother
and nephew and grandson.

We are truly thankful for our friends and family, and even
strangers,  for the unfailing outpouring of love and
compassion throughout the last year. Our hope is that no
one else would have to go through what we have been

Our prayers are for the Lord to open doors for us to be
used in whatever way God has for us to share our story
about Nathan, or to help counsel troubled teens, or help
with grieving parents.  We are willing to help in any way.

God Bless ,

Richard Morgan
by Richard Morgan, Nathan's father