Nathan and
nephew,              Ethan
standing left to right
Nathan, Christina, Jessica, Richard, Nichole
sister                sister           dad           twin sister
Grampa Chuck,  Sue,  Ethan.  Gramma Sue
mom   nephew    
Ethan with Nathan who
is holding  new
nephew, Elijah
Tribute to Nathan Alan Morgan
Photo Album
Nathan possibly in Las Vegas, probably in Venice Beach, CA.
This could have been taken the night before he was
murdered.  His body was found the morning of  Monday,
March 10, partially buried in the sand, on Venice Beach.  To
view Nathan's MySpace, click
Nathan & Dad
Nathan &  Jessica
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Nathan is  second from the end
(left to right) in the back row.  His
father, Richard is next to him on
the end.  This is his mother's side
of the family.
Nathan and Jason