Say you had a daughter/son and then someone murdered
them....Is it okay for you the parent to go and murder the
murderer of your son/daughter?

Adapted from Paige Ward's original writing and Ghandi's 'An eye for an eye quote'
Tribute to Nathan Alan Morgan
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Someone, somewhere knows something.  Something they aren't telling.  
Out of fear? Of guilt?  A family is grieving.  Hearts are broken.  A half of the
whole that is twins has been torn away.  Were you there?  Did you see
Nathan beaten?  Can you sleep at night?  Really???  We are offering you
an anonymous way to make it right.  If you know anything about Nathan's
murder, please email us.  
'An eye for an eye'............
Leaves the world blind.....

Poems are made for beautiful things-
Not for murder and for terror -
Not for cruel sudden deaths-
Not for hatred which kills without question-
And justifies itself,
By some absolute inhumane ideal.

Poems are made for life
Not Death-  
Richard's parents and family
Sue's parents and family
'An eye for an eye'...right?
If yes, then its okay for the murderers family to murder you
and then the cycle continues...right?
Where would it stop?
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