We are the friends and family of Nathan Morgan.
This website is a way to express our grief, our
anger, our desire for justice, and to let the world
know what kind of man Nathan was.  We want
the people who saw his murder ( and there
were many)  to realize that he was loved.   He
was not just another drifter who would not be
missed.  We are praying that there will be a
softening of hearts, and the ones who know
what happened will come forward and make the
truth known.  If you know anything that will help
bring the killers to justice, please contact
Detective Luis Carranza, LAPD Pacific Area
Homicide Unit
phone # (310) 482-6373
* about us *
Tribute to Nathan
A great deal of erroneous information has been
posted on the Internet regarding Nathan's death.
Venice Beach, CA the morning of Monday, March 10,
2008.  The beating occurred sometime between 3am
and daylight.   He had returned to the beach from the
emergency room of a local hospital, where he was
given a sling, for a fractured elbow.  There,he
rejoined a group of
*friends *.   He was barely able to
defend himself against even one man, let alone the
five who beat him.  Undeniably, Nathan died as a
direct result of that beating.