Tribute to Nathan Alan Morgan
An undeveloped, disposable camera  was found in the
hotel room Nathan had shared with his friend.  These  
pictures  were taken by Nathan and his friends during
those final days.  We hope that by posting them here,
someone will be recognized, or a memory triggered that
will help unravel this case.   If you know, saw, or heard,
anything about what happened that early morning, please
contact me
The Transient
(In memory of Nathan
Alan Morgan)

By Jim Smith

Strange and cruel things
down on the highway
that divides city from the
and beyond the sand
the unending sea.

The highway is a funnel
for all that is good
and all that is evil.

He was a transient
the police said.

What do those words
transient, traveler, tourist
Aren’t we all?

Back home he was loved,
but the active evil killed
and the passive evil said
it was alright.

He was a transient, they
probably a drug user
Aren’t we all?

The parade continues
down the Boardwalk.
Clean up the mess
and move on.
One more doesn’t make
a difference
except except it does.
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